The more sales, the more worries. It is not always easy to maintain an overview when you work with many representatives. Due to the advance of technology and data, people want to have more and more insight into the performance of the representatives as well as to capture more data.

Insight - SalesNote

Use only 1 tool on the track.

Do your representatives also abhor the pronouncing of the word “tools”?

By integrating SalesNote with your internal systems, your representative can go on the road with only 1 necessary tool.

Better conversation preparation

Not really an overview of how your reps are preparing for interviews?

Checklists, geolocation, and other forms of ‘monitoring’ fail to understand what your rep is saying at the customer.

SalesNote pushes this problem off the track!

Step outside with the right info

“The customer is very satisfied with our service” is the only information provided in 65% of the reports.

Setting up a new reporting system, but no idea how?
We have already solved this for you!