More uniform conversation in the interim sector?

How do you know what quality is being achieved at your various offices? Discover how SalesNote helps capture the right data and makes it analyzable for even better coaching!

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Faster data capture

Do your representatives also abhor the pronouncing of the word “tools”?

By integrating SalesNote with your internal systems, your representative can go on the road with only 1 necessary tool.
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Focus on quality

How do you know whether the conversations are conducted qualitatively?

Ensure a uniform way of asking questions/conversations throughout your organization. In this way it becomes a lot easier to bet on quality.


How many training moments do you foresee to improve the quality of your conversations?

However, training is a continuous process not easy to carry out without the right tools. We provide a tool in which we focus on improving the quality of the conversations and the input of the data.
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