Save time and money

No more hassle with reports or calling back to your customer to collect the extra data. Do it 'on the spot'!

App - SalesNote
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Take notes 'on the spot'

SalesNote allows you to stay in control during the conversation and take notes at the same time.

Do you use a (digital) notebook when talking to customers? great! Use our ‘Onenote on steriods’ to stay in control of the conversation while all content is immediately sent to your CRM! 

Do not only improve your use of time, but also appear professional by perfectly transferring your customer’s story to the internal services, so that you can always provide the appropriate service.

Notes - SalesNote
Admin Day - SalesNote

Reduce your admin day!

Don't waste any more time preparing reports.

After taking notes, a structured report is automatically sent to your CRM and to your customer! No more lost data and leaves a super professional impression.


All your data is immediately written to your CRM.

Your responsible person never has to urge you to send your reports again. All captured data is sent to your responsible person together with your predefined KPIs!

Reporting - SalesNote