Dear SME manager, you want to score as a sales manager?

The strength of a sales manager is coaching and developing new strategies with a winning sales team to crush the set objectives. However, in practice it is not always easy to do this…

Insight - SalesNote

You depend on the input of your sellers

To be able to coach successfully, you must first know where the challenges lie.

When your salesperson comes back from an appointment and asks you how it went, you hear “OK, I can send him an email” or “OK, I can make him a proposal”. So very general.

You don’t know what the next steps are, what he said or how you can manage your salesperson now.

Insight - SalesNote

You only have quantitative data

Your salespeople are assessed based on the number of appointments, number of calls, number of deals, ...

“I see you had one less appointment this week, how come?” “He canceled and wanted to move it to next week.” “How many deals will you be able to close this week?”

Motivating your salespeople is a challenge

A seller's most common excuses when things go wrong

“I need more leads.”

“It was not clear to the customer.”

“Our product is too expensive.”

To address the above, we have designed two workshops.

During this workshop we will work out a use case (that you provide) with you. Here we show how it can be done differently.

Workshop 1

The foundations of the new way of selling with a combination of the most successful classic methods.

Workshop 2

After analyzing your current situation, we go deeper into the 2 biggest challenges of your business. This is a tailor-made workshop.