End of Month update (January 24)

  1. Your smartphone will no longer go to ‘lock’ (black screen) while the assistant is active. This ensures the conversation is always recorded correctly. Note: you can still lock your smartphone yourself. Do not do this, as it may interrupt the conversation.
  2. There is improved support for iPad. Even a meeting lasting several hours is now possible. Go ahead and meet!
  3. Reporting for conversations conducted via iOS/Safari has been made possible (available in your account from Thursday, February 1st).
  4. Account management is getting an update (more on this later!) which means the meeting types are in a different place. Click on the name of your organization to find them.

5. In your profile, you will also find the default setting for the language of your conversations. For example, if you most often have conversations in French, you can set this in the profile.

6. The “chat” is no longer shown by default because it was sometimes found to be confusing. You will still see a customized animation, so you know that the assistant is active.